Monthly Archives: March 2019

  1. Lift Diesel Generator

    lift diesel generators

    This Cummins silent 30 kVA diesel generator is on its ways to be installed into a newly built office complex. The generator will provide emergency backup power to the fire lift on the 7 story building.

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  2. Agricultural Diesel Generator

    agricultural diesel generators

    Agricultural Diesel Generator - This Cummins C330D5 Silent 300 kVA Diesel Generator is on its way to be installed at a large farm near Aberdeen, Scotland. The generator will provide backup power to the whole farm and outbuildings. 

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  3. Standby Generators

    standby diesel generators

    Standby Generators - This Cummins 35 kVA silent generator will provide backup power to a drilling companies main office near Durham. 

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  4. Sales Generator

    sales diesel generators

    Sales Generator - These two Cummins 20 kva silent diesel generators are being loaded for shipment to Pakistan where they will be used for prime power. 

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  5. No Dig Generator

    no dig diesel generators

    No Gig Generator - This 20 kVA key start  GBW22P Pramac Perkins silent diesel generator will provide prime power to a No-Dig mobile mole machine, which excavates underground holes without the need to dig up the surface. 

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