Monthly Archives: February 2019

  1. Glass Generator

    glass diesel generator

    These two Pramac 110Kva GSW110P Perkins units will provide backup power to a glass recycling plant near Bristol. The generators will keep the bottle sorting and crushing machines operational during a power outage. 

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  2. Welding Diesel Generator

    welding diesel generator

    This Pramac Perkins 20 kVA silent Diesel Generator will provide prime power to a mobile welding company, to be used on sites across the UK welding and fabricating children’s playground equipment. 

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  3. Electricity

    electricity diesel generator

    Electricity is a form of energy, the flow of tiny electrons that are negatively charged. When there is a build up of electricity in one place, it's called static electricity, but when these move from one place to another, it's known as an electric current. Electricity is now one of our essential parts of nature and is one of the most widely used secondary energy sources that humans have harnessed. We get our electricity from the conversion of other energy sources, like natural gas, coal and nuclear power, which are known as primary sources. Mostly, towns and cities were built right alongside waterfalls, as these were the primary source of mechanical energy to turn water wheels so that energy and electricity could be produced - early generators if you will..

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  4. Waste Diesel Generators

    waste diesel generator

    These two Cummins 100 KVA silent diesel generators will provide backup power to keep the machines running at a waste recycling plant near Bristol. The company has invested in these two machines after nearly three days of power cuts due to the bad weather. 

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  5. Business Generators

    business diesel generator

    This Cummins 100 kVA Silent Diesel Generator C110D5 will provide backup power to a recently opened metalworking machine shop near Lincoln who since opening have experienced several power cuts in the past few months.

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