Monthly Archives: September 2018

  1. Diesel Generators Dublin

    diesel generator Dublin

    This Cummins 35 kVA Silent Generator will be installed to provide backup power to a data centre in Dublin

    Keeping the data centre functional 24/7

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  2. The Belgian Police Call for Backup!

    belgium police diesel generator

    The Belgian police force are turning over a new ‘greener’ leaf, so to speak, by adding the Tesla Model S to their patrol fleet. With rapidly evolving technology, electric cars are swiftly becoming an attractive addition to any business or regular user and the endorsement of a developed forward-thinking nations police fleet is a solid testament to that...

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  3. 20 Uses For A Pressure Washer

    pressure washer uses

    Here are 20 great ways to use your pressure around the home to save time, money, and hassle. What are you waiting for? Let’s get to work...

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  4. Diesel Generator Sales

    cummins diesel generators sale

    This Cummins 200 kVA silent diesel generator is being collected by a UK Generator company whom we have a long lasting relationship with.

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  5. Diesel Generator Electrical Wholesaler

    cummins diesel generators electrical wholesaler

    This Cummins 170 kVA (standby) acoustic silent generator was supplied to one of the Uk,s largest electrical component wholesalers for use at one of their main office sites as backup power..

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  6. Diesel Generator Reseller Sales

    cummins diesel generators nursing home

    This Cummins 30kva silent diesel generator was reconnected to single phase, for a local electrical contractor.

    The generator will be installed at a private nursing home for back up power.

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  7. Silent Generator Reseller Sales

    cummins diesel generators buxton

    The unit will eventually be installed into a private residence near Buxton.

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  8. Diesel Generator Metal Parts Power

    cummins diesel generators metal

    This Cummins 35kva silent diesel generator will provide backup power to the mains at a small metal fabrication workshop near Bristol.

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  9. Diesel Generator Mobile Display Power

    perkins diesel generators mobile

    This Perkins-Pramac 20 kVA silent diesel generator will provide prime power to a giant mobile TV advertising display.

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  10. Diesel Generator Milk Power

    diesel generator milk power

    This generator will provide backup power to an automated milking parlour.

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