Monthly Archives: August 2018

  1. Power Generators

    power generators

    Power generators come in a large range of power sizes giving you a lot of choice and the ability to choose the one that suits your needs exactly, rather than compromising on something that is probably too big for the job you have.

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  2. Diesel Generator Pumping Ale

    silent generator for pumping ale

    This Cummins 90Kva Silent Diesel Generator was supplied to a remote public house near Cork to provide backup power in the event of a mains failure.

    The generator will keep the lights and heating on and more importantly the beer coolers and pumps running.

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  3. Diesel Generator Landfill Flare

    silent generator for landfill flare

    Keeping the gases from the tip under control at all times.

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  4. Diesel Generator Exports to Africa

    diesel generator for africa export

    11 various size Perkins and Cummins silent generators being loaded to a 40ft shipping container heading for Angola, Africa.

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  5. Increasing Genset Exports

    diesel generator to power ice

    These two Cummins 300Kva diesel generators are part of a larger order of six heading to Africa. The units will provide prime power for industry.

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  6. Ice Cube Diesel generator Power

    diesel generator to power ice

    This Cummins 60 kva silent diesel generator will provide backup power to an ice-cube factory near London.
    The generator will keep production and the storage freezers operational 24/7.

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  7. Machinery Power Diesel Generators

    diesel generator to power machinery

    This Cummins 30 kVA Silent Diesel Generator will provide temporary power to a wood working machine refurbishment company – The generator will provide power for testing the machines .

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  8. Bouncy Castle Gensets

    diesel generator to power bouncy Castle

    This 20 kVA Tier IIIa Perkins Diesel Generator will provide prime power for a large industrial bouncy castle used at various outdoor events across the UK

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  9. Power to Fuel

    diesel generator to power fuel

    This 45Kva Perkins genset will power a metalwork machinery workshop near Kent.

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  10. What are the Business Benefits of a Genset?

    gensets for business

    These days, many businesses are not only reliant on electricity to run, but also their backup generator in the event that the main power supply goes out....

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